Bridle/ Saddle Hides:

Each and every one of our hides is entirely hand produced in one of the last and absolute finest traditional tanneries in England. 

All hides are produced using the exact same production techniques that have been in use for centuries.  

Each hide requires one year to produce.

The quality and workmanship of these materials must not to be taken for granted and why we use only the finest and strongest traditional saddlery hand sewing techniques, solid cast brass fittings/ fixtures and threads for our products. Only by fully understanding and respecting these lasting traditions and their unique attributes can you truly appreciate and apply them in use. One thing is certain, these hides are incredibly unique and produced to last.




As with our hides, our hand sewn saddlery threads are the finest possible.

 100% 4-ply rot proof Linen finished in Bee's Wax. Made in England. 




Custom solid cast brass made for us in Walsall, England.



Sheep Skin Suedes and Panel Hides (Soft hides and Linings)

All produced and finished in SW England by one of our most historic producers.





As each and every hide is unique and hand finished, slight variations in colour, finish and texture will occur. Therefore, it is very important that when you place your order to choose all of your items at the same time. All items will then be cut from the very same hide.

Our hides are "Full Grain" which means the true top layer has not been removed. Full grain hides are far more beautiful in our opinion- every case is unique. 

We have been very careful to try to prevent any residual colour transferal to your clothing or furnishings, but please be careful with a new product. We recommend new cases be brushed with a natural fibre shoe brush (often found in antique stores) and/or wiped with a dry soft cloth every so often as needed.