Name Initial Embossing / Unique ID:

 All items will be embossed with a customer number (chosen by us) followed by your name initials, thus creating your own unique personal ID with Channel Modern. This ID will stay with you and be embossed onto any future items you may wish to own. 

All embossing is performed in a small and discreet plain text, visible on the exterior of our products.  



Belt Sizing:

 Due to the amount of variation between differing trouser manufacturers stated size and actual true waist measurement, we construct our belt sizes using TRUE measurements. 

The very best way to decide which Channel Modern size will be best for you is to buckle closed, then measure the inside circumference of a belt you normally wear using a tape measure or piece of string against a solid ruler/yard/meter etc. Use this same number to choose your size. 



Contact Details:

Neal Simons